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Do you wonder if making a vision board, can really make a difference in your life? 

Great question! There are so many self-help quick fix techniques it is important to take a closer look so you can decide for yourself.

I’ve been facilitating vision board events for over a decade. What I’ve witnessed has shown me that vision board making is an activity that is healthy, practical, and empowering.

Vision boards are not magic… however, they do pack the power that comes with intention and visualization.

After years of observation, I do see that vision board making is a process of self-care and mindfulness that offers a creative way to identify your dreams and desires.

When you see it… I do believe that you can begin to be it.

Read on to learn 8 ways that I’ve seen vision boards lead to a healthier happier life.

Making a vision board…


1. Relaxes the mind increasing inner peace.

This activity is a tool that invites the critical mind to rest.

The less linear right brain is activated in the process. In fact, it redirects your attention in almost a meditative way. This is self-care.

Taking time for yourself to consider what makes you happy by participating in a possibility-filled activity is a very healthy choice.

2. Activates creativity.

Creativity is one of the most coveted attributes in the professional world, why? Innovation. Making time to play and create is how some of the top minds tap into fresh concepts and possibilities.

Vision boards use symbols, colors and sometimes the abstract. It’s an expansive way to explore your inner landscape often revealing fresh insights and deep truths regarding your purpose and passion.


3. Playfully pauses doubt, fear, and practical thinking.

You get to think big for this project, there is no limit. It’s not about logic or practicality. So, you make space to replace what might seem impossible with hope and possibility.

Your heart’s desires and passions were planted within you for a reason… allowing this exploration is you taking a stand for your personal truth. No one else is going to do that for you right?


4. Increases self-awareness.

We’re so busy doing what we “have to do” to survive, or being “who we think we’re supposed to be” to succeed that we lose touch with the things that light us up. What if you could thrive and fly living a life that you design?

Making a vision board gives you permission to consider what makes you happy, who you want to be, what your best life looks like, and who is with you. Awareness is the first step!


5. Provides a fun and unstructured way to explore and set goals.

This visual tool offers a beautiful complement to some of the more practical goal setting tools we use like the personal 5-year plan, annual resolutions, and business plans.

Did you know you can make a thematic vision board? It’s a fun way to set goals for each area in your life this way… you can even make these boards together with business partners, work teams, your family and with your significant other.


6. Details your personal roadmap to joy.

What makes you happy? I can’t think of a more important path to get clear on… and what I like about it is it’s low-key in the making. Often abstract and made without the mind game that can come with strategic planning.

You get to sit back, relax and create a piece of art that defines happiness and success in your life. Post it where you can see it regularly… when you can see it, you can be it.


7. Opens an abundance mindset.

The most significant limits we face are the ones we place on ourselves. It’s time to let go of thinking small. Shoot, we’ve only got one life so why not put it all out there… call out what you REALLY what to be and do.

If something you want in life feels impossible, out of reach or scares you… choose to be brave, put it on your board anyhow… anything IS possible!


8. Is a power-filled declaration of intent.

When you acknowledge your dreams and desires you are saying yes to the life that lights you up. Intention setting is powerful. I’ll say it again… when you can see it, you can be it!

Making a vision board is a declaration to yourself and the universe that you are ready to call in the life you dream of! Now IS your time.


So, can make a vision board bring health & happiness?


I say yes!


For me it’s fun and, it just makes sense.

Sound inviting to you? What have you got to lose? In fact, if you’re in San Diego, join us Jan 24th to make one!

Let now be the time that you reach for the stars in life… if not now, when?

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