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Autumn Equinox Celebration

A Healing Story

September 22, 2018

4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Pioneer Park 1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103


Join the Together We Rise community for a special experience… we will tap into possibility during a progressive journey that will culminate at the very moment we transition from summer to fall. It will be powerful. Here is a general flow describing how we’ll spend our time:

*Nourishing Potluck
We open with an opportunity to nourish ourselves with good food and sisterhood. Together We Rise is an inclusive and diverse group of beautiful women. We will officially begin the facilitated portion of our time together at 4:15.

*Sound Healing + Mindfulness Meditation with Kylie Oliver
Music is healing… it helps us shift into presence and activates peace. Kylie is a sound healer a beautiful soul who shares her heart with her flutes… gentle, deep and hopeful. She’ll help us transition from our busy days, quieting our minds and opening our hearts, with the healing sounds she brings forth through her flutes. We will take time to receive the soothing vibrations, sit in meditation and participate in a journaling opportunity.

*Sister Circle Experience – A Story Web, facilitated by Debbie Stein
The story web is a tradition of the Apache people. It’s used as a poignant method for teaching the children during times they may not have been understanding the values and importance of community. This insightful experience requires all community members to create… demonstrating the value and impact of every single person.

Debbie is a master communicator of and trained in traditional indigenous ways, she will guide us on a journey using the richness of our stories to weave a visible web… one that will enlighten and create a deepened connection with ourselves and each other. The story web she’ll help us create on the Autumnal Equinox is named  “A Healing Story”… which is the natural outcome when take time to truly see each other.  We’ll have the opportunity to see how deeply we are interconnected, that each person brings great value to our collective experience.

Why a teaching tool for children? Our stories matter! When I tell my story and you share yours we hold space to see each other through our struggles, victories, and adventures. Storytelling is a powerful tool that has been used for creating community used since ancient times with the Druids, Celts, and many indigenous cultures.

During our time together you will see the influential role you have in our community, and this world, by just being you.

*Sound Healing + Silent Candle Lighting
We honor the moments just before, during and after the shift from summer to fall (6:59 pm) by lighting candles for ourselves and our world community. A time of meditation and intention setting.

When we lean into the seasons of life together we find strength, truth, and connection.

This session is mindfully timed to be in full swing at the potent moments we move from one season to the next. This supports a graceful practice of letting go with gratitude while opening to the new. Join us to make new friends, receive support and network with like-minded women.




DEBBIE STEIN is an educator and master communicator, she’s worked with the Kumeyaay people for the past 10 years. During this time she was gifted the knowledge of the Kumeyaay language by an elder.

She spent 3 years learning the language, culture, stories and traditional ways of being, thinking and living. Revitalization of indigenous language and cultural teachings has become her life’s work.

LEANNE TIBIATOWSKI is dedicated to changing lives and transforming communities with a safe-space model centered on authenticity, acceptance, communication and presence.

She’s a facilitator, speaker and writer known for her ability to create experiences and curriculum where truth, transformation, and connection happens.

KYLIE OLIVER is a gentle soul with a healing spirit. She’s an artist, musician and sound healer who delivers heart medicine while playing Native American flutes.

The sounds that come through in her music are not only beautiful they are transformational. You can often find her near the ocean offering musical alchemy as she plays her flutes exquisitely along with the song of Mother Ocean.


  • Sept 23, 2019


Proceeds cover our costs + supplies

  • Accessibility is ALWAYS first… No sister will be turned away due to finances… your presence matters most.
  • You will receive an email just before the event with final details.
  • Join the Facebook Event Page for announcements and supportive information + conversation.


Who is this event for:

Our Autumn Equinox Celebration is called “A Healing Story”, it’s a nourishing afternoon of self-exploration, friendship, and fun. You will reap the riches that come when spending time with diverse and amazing women.

We value diversity. ALL identifying women are welcome.

We value inter-generational community. All ages welcome. The event is child-friendly… please note, there is not child care. There are sections that are reflective and deep… since we are outdoors is will be easy for a mama to move around and take space as needed. 

We have so much to learn from each other… please bring your girls, your mentors, your mamas and grandmothers!

What is Together We Rise

Our community is a passion project… a vision long in the making, one that we choose to keep organic and accessible. In other words, we’re not building a brand or a revenue model at the moment…

We believe that the antidote to much of what is happening in our nation is accessed in groups centered on authentic communication, self-discovery and friendship. We choose to offer our time as facilitators to create safe spaces where we cultivate connection and healing for women and communities. Perhaps someday we’ll get more formal.

We see an urgent need.. and we’re taking action now because together we are stronger, together we rise. Learn More

How much is this event?

Accessibility is one of our core values. We accept donations to cover costs and supplies. Donations are NOT mandatory… please please come join us. It will be a nourishing afternoon for all of us!

Have further questions? Just reach out….

Together We Rise is a safe space for women to gather and share, free from the fear of judgement and rejection.
I highly recommend attending these very special events. – Christine