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Claim Abundance!

Your Treasure Awaits…

Clothing +Treasure Swap. Sister Circle + Potluck.

activate prosperity at this fun gathering.

March 16, 2019

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

4667 Lotus Street | Ocean Beach, California

Looking for more in life? More money… more fun… more love and joy?

If so, it just might serve your joy and happiness to pause, take a deep breath, and mindfully redirect that energy.

You probably have a million things on your to-do list which makes it challenging to make time to attend event and gatherings. We are trained to stay busy, to be productive.  Have you ever considered that our never-ending hustle just may be part of what’s keeping abundance from flowing?

Our “never enough” tendencies are learned behaviors. 

Are you ready to release the quest for “more” so that you can step into ease and abundance?

It IS a choice.

Give yourself permission to let go of your to-do list for one afternoon.
Gift yourself with a pause…

Join us for a fun and freeing afternoon, claim the prosperity that is your birthright!


What to expect:


  • Clothing + Treasure Swap

    Bring some things you’d like to release and gift to another. As you give you will receive. Be selective. Treasure is nice. Clothing, jewelry, household items and more will be included in a swap with other sisters at the event. All left over will be donated to a worthy organization. It’s a fun way to let go and make space for the new! Wondering what to bring? Keep it simple… take a look around your space each day leading up to the event, see if you can identify anything that you feel you can lovingly release and bring those things. It could even be just one item… 


  • Sister Circle – You are the Treasure and you ARE Treasured

    We will open the well of prosperity starting with ourselves and each other. With gratitude, we will take time to share, recognize and see the abundant beauty and value of each woman in attendance.


  • Enjoy a feast and spend time with amazing women

    Our potlucks show us first hand how together we are enough and have enough. We will celebrate and nourish ourselves, please bring something to share.

Prosperity is NOT just for other people, it’s not out of reach, and it’s certainly not about luck.


And… It’s really not about how much money or things you have. Living in abundance IS straight up available to you right now and in every moment.  It’s a mindset and a practice.

Claim your abundance… your treasure awaits!  If not now, when?


Join us to activate and practice. You will leave this gathering ready to FIND, LIVE and GIVE abundance!  

Meet Your Tourguide

Together We Rise, Founder

Leanne is dedicated to changing lives and transforming communities with a safe-space
model centered on authenticity, acceptance, communication, and presence.
She is a facilitator, speaker, and writer known for her ability to create experiences and
curriculum where truth, transformation, and connection happens.
Leanne’s been facilitating vision board workshops and gatherings annually for over ten years
and still lights up at the positive outcomes she’s witnessed from this shared creative time.



  • Sept 23, 2019


Who is this event for?

All women in the community are invited to participate… so bring yourself, your friends, your sister mother, and daughter too!

We value diversity. ALL identifying women are welcome.

We value and mindfully create our inter-generational community. All ages welcome. The event is child-friendly… please note, however, there is no childcare at this time. There are sections that are reflective and deep which may be something to keep in mind. 

We have so much to learn from each other… please bring your girls, your mentors, your mamas, and grandmothers!

What is Together We Rise

Our community is a passion project… a vision long in the making, one that we choose to keep organic and accessible. In other words, we’re not building a brand or a revenue model at the moment…

We believe that the antidote to much of what is happening in our nation is accessed in groups centered on authentic communication, self-discovery, and friendship. We choose to offer our time as facilitators to create safe spaces where we cultivate connection and healing for women and communities. Perhaps someday we’ll get more formal.

We see an urgent need.. and we’re taking action now because together we are stronger, together we rise. Learn More

How much is this event?

Accessibility is one of our core values. We accept donations to cover costs and supplies. Suggested donation for this event is $5-$10. Donations are NOT mandatory… please please come join us. It will be a nourishing afternoon for all of us!

Have further questions? Just reach out….