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Journey into the Temple of Sacred Play

July 22

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Pioneer Park 1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

Enjoy a nourishing afternoon of self-exploration, friendship, and fun. A progressive experience including a sister circle and fun activities. You’ll go deep, get silly and fill your cup up before starting the new week…

Community Building.
We come together to reclaim and nurture sisterhood… we do so by creating a safe space that feels like home, a place to breathe because we know with certainty that we’re accepted just as we are.

Empowered Activation.
We are honored to have Golden Drake activating our journey with a powerful and healing group experience guiding each of us to align with our essential nature and purpose. As we welcome in this self-awareness and step in we unite with peace, possibility and joy.

Sacred Play.
We’ll travel through a fun series of playstations… hula hoops, art, adornment, movement and music. Nicolette NatrinChristine Seliger and Marie Lapointe and Leanne Tibiatotwski are our facilitators

Sister Circle + Bubble Blessings
We’ll deepen our personal and collective experience by sharing our stories. We’ll honor ourselves and each other with presence. It’s simple yet transformational when we make time to listen and share. We’ll close our event with intention and celebration… a bubble blessing!

Join our community. Lean into sisterhood.
Bring a friend, your daughter, niece, and your grandmother!
Your voice and presence matter… just say yes!

Meet your tour guides… we’re going to make magic together!

As founder of Together We Rise, she’s changing lives + transforming communities with a safe-space model centered on authenticity, acceptance, agreements and presence. You’ll be supported + celebrated for just being you!

This rising star effortlessly leads others to joy with her song, deep insight and playful nature. She’s fun, kind and brilliant… a graduate student studying acupuncture, a healer and co-creator of this event.

Embodying the spirit of play, she’ll fill you with wonder introducing visualization + collaboration. Her work is helping kids fall in love with reading, she’s also been a leadership coach, roller derby athlete & race car mechanic!

Your heart will melt + unfold into its natural brilliance as she infuses her fierce grace + deep wisdom into the day… She’s a profound teacher, elegant artist, healer, and queen with a story + message you won’t want to miss.

She brings peace into the lives of others with playful compassion + powerful insight. A meditation and yoga instructor guiding you to your potential and expanded possibility with affirmation + lighthearted self-expression.


  • Sept 23, 2019


Proceeds cover supplies plus a financial gift to help our sister and guest facilitator Golden Drake on her healing from cancer and associated medical treatments. Together we are stronger… Together we rise. To learn more about Golden visit her on Instagram.

  • No sister will be turned away due to finances… your presence matters most.
  • You will receive an email just before the event with final details.
  • Join the Facebook Event Page for announcements and supportive information + conversation.
  • Not able to attend? If your heart feels moved, your donation will support the event and a valued member of our community.


Who is this event for:

Journey Into the Temple of Sacred Play is a nourishing afternoon of self-exploration, friendship, and fun. You will reap the riches that come when spending time with diverse and amazing women.

We value diversity. ALL identifying women are welcome.

We value inter-generational community. All ages welcome. The event is child-friendly… while there is not child care the event is pretty active and fun. There are sections that are reflective and deep… since we are outdoors is will be easy for a mama to move around and take space as needed. 

We have so much to learn from each other… please bring your girls, your mentors, your mamas and grandmothers!  

Who is Together We Rise

Our community is a passion project… a vision long in the making, one that we choose to keep organic and accessible. In other words, we’re not building a brand or a revenue model at the moment. Kali Love and Leanne Tibiatowski ignited the project, we are trained facilitators and have been working with women, group/community transformation and personal development for decades.

We believe that the antidote to much of what is happening in our nation is accessed in groups centered on authentic communication, self-discovery and friendship. We choose to offer our time as facilitators to create safe spaces where we cultivate connection and healing for women and communities. Perhaps someday we’ll get more formal.

We see an urgent need.. and we’re taking action now because together we are stronger, together we rise. Learn More

How much is this event?

Accessibility is one of our core values. We are accepting donations for this event – generally cover supplies. This time we will offer a monetary gift to Golden Drake, one of our facilitators, to support her as she navigates life healing from cancer. Donations are NOT mandatory… please please come join us. It will be a nourishing day for all of us!

Have further questions? Just reach out….

“Together We Rise is… Beautiful. Imperative. Heart-centered. Necessary” Melantha Tatum