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Social connection matters. So much that without it we experience loneliness, depression and live shorter lives.


There it was, what I knew in my heart as truth has been asked and answered in the science world.

Science aside for a moment of personal truth….

Life’s been quite a ride lately, a bit of a bumpy one. All good though, I find this type of turbulence activates awareness.

In this moment it’s become clear to me that re-calibrating how I’m engaging with people will help me feel better. My heart has been whispering this to me… my mind is catching up.


So, I continued my contemplation of social connection. Inspiration hit while reading about the measured benefits available…

The American Psychological Association reports that social isolation is a greater public health hazard than obesity AND, this type of isolation is increasing. Read that again…. wow, such a sad statement. In the same article it’s reported that increased social connection leads to a 50{164f9ad859f605f318209d542abffb391f4d70a919872b9c067e918418ca2307} reduced risk of early death. Alright now, that’s empowering! 

The research is clear… to live a longer more healthy joyful life, nurture all types of relationships. It’s just as important as exercise and eating healthy!

I quickly jotted down a list of the primary tools that help me tap into life through and with people. It just happened to be 10, such a great number. Each one is easy, free and actually fun.

I thought you might be going through some things as well. Or maybe you’re just focused and the pace and demand of living and loving has you stretched thin and a re-set could be supportive.

With community in mind, Mission Live Long and Prosper was born. It’s an informal social experiment.

I’m doing it and I invite you to join me! You can expect more smiling, kindness, laughter and learning. Easy peasy.

(BTW – Yes, it’s true, I’m a Star Trek fan. Makes my heart happy to include the Vulcan greeting…)


The 10-day plan guaranteed to get you connected…


Check it out, here’s the list… you can try them on your own any time in any order. Or, you can join me on a journey!

DAY 1 – MAKE EYE CONTACT. Practice opening yourself to those around you… start by sharing your eyes.

DAY 2 – SMILE GENEROUSLY. Turn up the corners of your mouth today… then watch life shift!

DAY 3 – GREET OTHERS FREELY. Engage! Say hello as you travel through your day.

DAY 4 – SEE THE GOOD. Share sincere compliments and recognition.

DAY 5 – GIVE. It’s random acts of kindness day! Have fun doing nice things for people.

DAY 6 – ASK QUESTIONS THEN LISTEN. Ask, listen, learn, repeat.

DAY 7 – LEND A HAND. Be helpful… as you give you will receive.

DAY 8 – GIVE THANKS. Directly communicate the things you’re grateful for in your relationships.

DAY 9 – FIND JOY. Ask the people in your life what makes them happy.

DAY 10 – MAKE TIME. Just do it, make time to get together with a friend.

Mission Live Long and Prosper, let’s do it!


Let’s step into action together… it’s a simple experiment that WILL change your life.

Here’s how it works:

  • 10 simple tools for building social connection.
  • 10 days to make our way through the list.
  • Digital daily reminders, information, support, encouragement and community via Facebook Event page and/or email.
  • A shared experience to support, encourage and learn.
  • It’s free, not selling a thing. I just love sharing empowering experiences PLUS it keeps me accountable!

Boom. It’s that simple.

If you want a better world, a better life, step in and start within.

So what say you… are you in?

I’m a yes and, I dare you to boldly step in and test drive this plan for 10 days.


our 10-day experiment starts 9/1/18


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Leanne creates dynamic communities igniting authentic communication, self-discovery, friendship and professional connections. She is a facilitator, speaker and writer. Leanne is known for her ability to create safe spaces for small and large groups where truth, transformation, and connection happen. Her knowledge base includes emotional literacy, communication, leadership, mindfulness, grief, trauma, bereavement, community, conflict resolution, change management, positive psychology and personal development. She is available for workshops, events and speaking engagements.

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