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Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with Together We Rise on 9.22.18
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Ever feel like you can’t dance… or that you just don’t fit in?


Look closer, feel deeper… because it’s just not true. 

You ARE rhythm.

Take a moment right now… connect with yourself.

Place your hand on your heart, let yourself just feel. 

Notice your heartbeat… knowing that with each beat your blood is rhythmically propelled through your body. Feel your breath. Observe your eyes blinking. Layers of rhythm in motion…

Gently touch your face, neck, and arms moving all the way to your fingertips… notice your nerves with their most delicate awareness providing an alert cascade of sensations. 

Take it all in… it’s miraculous.

You are a multi-layered system of highly responsive patterns, and cycles.

You ARE a song in motion dancing your way through each moment of life.

It’s so easy to feel disconnected and out of sync…


When we get lost or stuck in these feelings we deplete joy and abundance in our lives.

The truth is, we are indisputably connected.

Your body temple is a performance vehicle allowing you to experience thoughts, feelings, sensations, and all that life has to offer. This miraculous machine is on-duty 24/7, constantly responding to your internal states and your environment. 

Sometimes it helps to pause from the chaos of the human-made world to find the bass-line. The heartbeat. The truth that exists even when we don’t remember.

When we remember life has a four-part harmony it sets us free and can change this world… 


1. Your song, your presence matters.

2. You are inherently valuable.

3. You have a purpose, it makes a difference.

4. You are part of a magnificent symphony.

When we forget these truths we hurt ourselves and each other.

Find your rhythm to find your freedom…


It’s time to remind each other… We ARE part of a dance with the universe.

We dance with the stars, earth, humans, animals, and plants… all living things are connected.

And, because the mind is strong and the world we’ve created is chaotic, it’s important to observe and connect with the rhythms and cycles that sustain you…

  • Listen to the sound and movement of the ocean.
  • Watch the sunrise or set.
  • Feel the breeze on your cheeks… notice the song in the tree’s rustling leaves.
  • Pause to notice and cultivate deep breathing several times in your day.
  • Take a walk or spend time with an animal.
  • Celebrate the seasons.

Taking time to connect and remember is good for your health.

It’s is rejuvenating, grounding and opens you to joy and abundance. Finding your rhythm activates peace and creates space to connect more deeply with your true purpose.

Let nature lead the way, she’s got rhythm!


It’s so easy to follow her lead… her rhythms and cycles so easy to see. The seasons, for example, offer a beautiful time to reflect on the natural cycles of life.

Summer growth leads to autumn harvest… which leads to winter death and spring rebirth.

This 4-part cycle offers an opportunity to see and reflect on the many cycles that are naturally part of our human lives.

Celebrate the seasons!

We are days away from the Autumnal Equinox at 6:59 pm DST on September 22, 2018. It’s harvest time.

For me, this is a bittersweet time of the year. I LOVE summer.

This summer has been especially abundant in challenge and adversity… it’s also been full of courageous adventure, personal victory, and deep transformation. It seems harder than usual to let go of the long summer days, warm ocean water and celebratory nature of the season.

I find myself resistant to the shift.

What helps me transition? A couple of simple things…

Find gratitude. 

I make time to savor these days before the sun sets early. During these final days, I reflect on all that is good and that came into my life the previous months. Practicing gratitude helps me remember how blessed I am to see each rising sun.

Gratitude effortlessly transforms my sense of loss and resistance into appreciation.

Spend time in community.

Community and ceremony are also important to me. So, I make a point to host seasonal gatherings where we connect to the beauty of life and each other while honoring the current rhythm of life.

This year’s gathering with Together We Rise is very special. Wise women in the community step in to lead an experience that will bring us together as sisters during the exact moments just before and after the equinox.

Mindful time with community will help me turn this page in the story of my life with grace and ease as I prepare to welcome in the days ahead.

I invite you to reflect, consider how you can tap into the rhythms present as we move from summer to fall…

Join us if you’re in San Diego or create your own way open to and celebrate the seasons of your life with presence and love.

No matter what you do… please always remember: You are valuable. You belong. And, you’ve got rhythm my friend! It’s time to dance! 

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