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Your story matters. My story matters. Our stories matter…

The voice of every woman matters.

We claim space to elevate and celebrate each other when we shine a light on the brilliance, perspective, and wisdom of our sisters.

No one voice is more valuable than another…

HerStory is a blog series that showcases amazing, brilliant, and diverse identifying women. It’s time to put aside our “compare and compete” norms. Why? Simple.

Together we are stronger. Together we rise!
There IS room for all women to shine!

We’re serious about that! We’d love to share your story too, read on to learn how…


Meet Timmery Turner, her point of view inspires me!

My life became brighter when I met Timmery Turner on ClubHouse, a new social media platform that offers access to pretty incredible people in a unique audio-only format. Our paths first crossed in some serious subject matter rooms where we discussed diversity, inclusion, equity, access, and mental health.

Timmery is articulate with a powerful point of view, and she is funny. Like really funny. I liked her right away.

Then I started reviewing her profile and Instagram account and saw her art…

The aesthetic, the social statements, and.. the color!!!

The closer I looked, the more I was moved by the way she expresses important social justice themes, showers you with positivity, and ignites inspiration…

all delivered in the form of rainbows, sunshine, magic, and more.

Personally, I’m a fan of all her work with a special love for her custom Ice Cream stilettos and the Mer-babe illustration series (if you know me you know I identify as mermaid, she/her!)

She makes jewelry, has written books, and her illustrations are fire. You defintately want to know Timmery, just sayin.



Check out our interview, and the links to her work below…

Leanne: Timmery, your world of expression is color-filled in a way that infuses the eye with life. Tell us about your relationship with and feelings about color.

Timmery:Color has always inspired me. I honestly feel like my insides are rainbow color, so my usage of color is a true self-expression and reflection of who I am and what I believe in.

I grew up in a very diverse and multicultural and multiracial community, which I feel really shaped me as a person.  All of my family and friends with so many different backgrounds really added color to my life. Learning about all of the different cultures and ways of living at such a young age was such a blessing. It makes it easy for me to relate to others and to be open to new things. I truly thrive in diverse settings! 

And also, I love that color can uplift someone’s mood and vibration.” 

 “When you think of rainbows you think of hope, positivity, magic, & happiness!

I really just want to spread love & magic!”

Leanne: How did your color palette and style develop? What does it tell us about you?

Timmery: “I’ve said rainbow was my favorite color since I was a kid. Then I went to sunshine yellow, and I eventually got stuck on hot pink and black for a while. Although, my style and wardrobe have always been quite colorful. I guess you come full circle sometimes. I can’t tell you exactly when the rainbow aesthetic came back into play. I’m sure it was a culmination of life experiences, self-expression, and also being inspired by others. 

My color palette says that I want to uplift you and feed your soul and spirit with magic & happiness in this sometimes gray world!

I think it’s been especially important in this current time of the pandemic and social injustices. It’s my small way of breathing positivity into the world in the one way that I can.”

Leanne: Your point of view artistically is positive, uplifting, and supportive… even educational.

As I look closer I even see social justice advocacy in your work. I LOVE that.

What is your mission and goals in life as an inspired creative expressing yourself? 


Timmery: “Leanne, why are these questions so good?! Not surprising though!

Anyhow, my goal is to do all the things you stated!! I want to empower, uplift, shed light on important issues, and make a change!

And I feel that art is a really digestible way to do that even if it is in your face! People get drawn in by the colors, so they’re forced to read the message!!!”


Leanne: I’m obsessed with your visual art and a long-time advocate for the influence of positive language… The blend of color, shapes, and words in your work is so alive. Tell me your thoughts on how all of these elements work with the affirmations?

Timmery: “I kind of feel like I’m answering a lot of these questions before you ask them! Hahaha!

Like I mentioned before…I want to draw people in with the colors and images and then smack in the head or lightly tap them on the shoulder with a beautiful message of self-love or inclusion across all platforms. Did I answer that okay?”

Leanne: Totally Timmery, your answers are perfect!


“She who dares, wins!”

Timmery’s favorite quote since she was a teen


Leanne: What is Unicorn Electric Kids? I’m in love with what I see and am excited to learn all about the inspiration, intention, and unfolding of this part of your work. 

Timmery:Unicorn Electric Kids is a publishing company that I started to publish the books I wrote about my daughter, and it has evolved into a mission to publish books by diverse authors and give those a voice that don’t normally have one.

I really want to create an inclusive publishing company that promotes self-empowerment, adventure, & diversity.”



Leanne: What makes you happy?

Timmery: “Creating art, connecting with people, uplifting people, encouraging people, my daughter, my husband, living life, dreaming, being, doing!!! All of it!!!! I love this life! Was that over the top? Hahahah! Probably!”

Leanne: No way so not over the top, the bigger the better… if you can see it, you can be it and I’m cheering you on!

Leanne: What are the core values that you teach and practice with your family?

Timmery: “Man, these questions are on point!

Being open to the possibilities of what could be, to the things you may not understand.

Giving and sharing. 

Self-care, self-love, rest, quietness, kindness, respect. Love love love!!!!

And using your voice for what you believe in, and trusting your instincts.”

Leanne: How do you navigate your way through adversity? What tools and practices do you lean into when life feels more dark than light?

Timmery: “Honestly, my art has always been my therapy, and I feel so grateful that I have that to fall back on. When things are not going so well I just throw it into my art and turn my darkness into something beautiful. And also sometimes I just let myself feel it.

I am fortunate to have a great support system. I have a large community of family and people that I know I can call on when the going gets tough. Having a support system and being okay with leaning on others when needed is invaluable.

Let the people that love you help you when needed, but I also rely on therapy! You don’t want to drain people with your problems all the time! Therapy has done wonders for me this past year, which was particularly rough due to the death of my father and ummm….the pandemic!”

Leanne: What are three things you’ve learned from being a mother to your daughter?

Timmery:I learned that having a schedule and a good balance does wonders for my mental health! Nova helps me keep a well-balanced life.

I’ve learned that she is the most magical creature on this planet, and I’m totally not biased at all! I’ve learned so much really! I’m always so shocked by the amount of compassion and understanding she seems to possess in the realest moments.

Children are aware of a lot more than we think they are. Watching her grow and become who she is meant to be is the most beautiful experience. I’ve also learned that I need my me time!”

Leanne: What do you wish you knew about being a woman that you’d like her and all young women to know?

Timmery:This is such a hard question for me to answer because I feel like the journey to womanhood is all about self-discovery and evolution. I think we come into our own at our time, so I’m not sure that I have any particular wish for her in that way. I just want her to enjoy the process of becoming a woman and learning who she is and the infinite and unique power that only she possesses.”


Leanne: Who has influenced you most in life and what have you learned from them?

Timmery:I would definitely have to say, my mother! She taught me to be strong, resilient, to laugh at myself, be generous, be kind, be helpful! She showed me how to pour love into myself and others and to just be a good human being. My mom… I do have a good one!!!” 


More about Timmery’s Background


Timmery Turner Freeman was born into a life of adventure, whimsical curiosity, and unfiltered imagination. Born in Frankfurt, Germany to military parents, she had already traveled across the globe before the age of two. She is the product and genetic makeup of many talented artists, writers, designers, and scholars before her.

She is the wife of a wild-spirited visionary, and the mother of a very independent and precocious toddler. She a multifaceted artist,  illustrator, painter, shoe and clothing designer, and has worn the hats of fashion show coordinator, DIYer, singer, songwriter, music producer, and performer. She gets her best inspiration while spending time with her young daughter and watching her navigate through life’s little and big adventures. Timmery always says that her brand of magic is inspiring through color, positivity, activism and empowerment in the form of art and children’s literature. She is a firm believer of unicorns, magic, dreaming out loud, and was once described as “Lisa Frank eating Pixie Sticks on acid.

Here’s how you can contact Timmery and, take a look at her work yourself! 

On the Clubhouse app? Timmery has a cool club, Rainbowland. So much great content. Her morning room “What’s on your today list, Morning Magic” is one I get up at 4:15 am pst to attend. So good!

Thank you for reading HerStory…

My girl Timmery is a legit rockstar who leaves an uplifting trail of magical fairy dust and joy.  I just had to share her with you!

Please send me a message if you’d like to share your story or nominate another amazing woman to be featured.

And, always remember, your voice and your story matter…
Together we ARE stronger.
Together we rise!

Sending big and gentle waves of love your way, Leanne

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