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Ladies, stop what you’re doing…. it’s time for a music break!

India Aria’s Beautiful Flower delivers a soul-filled infusion of feminine truth. A reprieve from the damaging narrative that disconnects us from ourselves and each other. 

Quietly she sings, nourishing and strengthening the listening heart… offering a gentle wake up call that begins to melt the seductive grip of that looping media messaging. You know, that stream of input telling us there’s not enough… that WE are not enough.

With fierce grace she lifts us up, releasing us from the undercurrent of competition, comparison, self-doubt and separation that’s created when we buy into the misleading input.

She helps us remember that Now IS our time.
Cheering us on, pointing us to our power… moving us gently from darkness into light…
Inviting us to remember… to reclaim TRUTH.

Let’s listen and remember together…

You ARE beautiful. I AM beautiful.
We’re all beautiful just how we are, period.
There IS enough. You ARE enough.

We ARE stronger together.
United in authenticity, we find strength in vulnerability.
We rejuvenate ourselves and each other.
We begin to SEE our beauty.
We tap into strength and open to abundance.

As we lean into each other we reclaim our connection as siSTARS
WE define beauty and success in our own terms.
We lift each other up… we celebrate ourselves and each other.

We SEE that WE ARE ENOUGH. That there IS enough.
This knowing frees us.

Just say yes… take that break and hit play, you’ll be glad you did.

Together We Are Stronger. Together We Rise.

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Leanne creates dynamic communities igniting authentic communication, self-discovery, friendship and professional connections. She is a facilitator, speaker and writer. Leanne is known for her ability to create safe spaces for small and large groups where truth, transformation, and connection happen. Her knowledge base includes emotional literacy, communication, leadership, mindfulness, grief, trauma, bereavement, community, conflict resolution, change management, positive psychology and personal development. She is available for workshops, events and speaking engagements.

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